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Pablo Calderón Salazar is one of the graduates exhibiting on the show at Design Academy Eindhoven. His trigger for making dialogue the center of his project is our over-planned and over-designed society. Can we exchange opinions, laughter and doubts more spontaneously? The Other Market is a platform, materialized in a meshwork of pushcarts, to trade products and services without money, using dialogue as a currency. The dialogue can be on different topics: money, gambling, discipline, etcetera.

Pablo combines his street sessions with his presentation in the Graduation show. Every day this week, the cart itself will be somewhere in the city to engage people into different topics. The outcome will be shown in the Graduation Show: the most striking, philosophical and interesting quotes and images from the street sessions will be placed on the wall where Pablo is exhibiting his project.

EMMA radio is also broadcasting a summary of the street sessions very day. Find out what’s new here and on Facebook / EMMA radio.

Come and visit Pablo in the city:

Tuesday 22nd

15.30h – 17.00h Behind the Van Abbemuseum, TOM will be in collaboration with Gabriele Mariotti, taking experimental portraits of people. The focus of the discussion will be on representation and art institutions.

14.00h - 15.00h Live drawing.


Wednesday 23rd

19.00h – 20.00h In front of Piazza (shopping mall in the centre of the city), TOM will screen the movie White Sheep Black Dream, from Alexandre Humbert Muda, who will be also on show during the DDW. The focus of the discussion will be on discipline and education.

15.00h - 16.00h Live drawing.


Thursday 24th

15.00h – 17.00h In front of the train Station, TOM will be in collaboration with Thomaz Bondioli, trading special maps of the city, in exchange of personal stories about different places of the city (based on experiences). The focus will be on trust the way we experience cities.

15.00h - 16.00h Live drawing.


Friday 25th

14.00h – 15.00h In front of the Stadhuis (City Hall), TOM will be unofficially registering people in the city of Eindhoven, giving a manifesto-form and a stamp. The focus of the discussion will be on bureaucracy.

15.00h - 16.00h Live drawing.


Saturday 26th

16.00h – 17.00h In front of the Design Academy, TOM will be in collaboration with a group of first year master students, trading The Other Review (an alternative and critical view on some of the projects on show) and the latest edition of SNOR. The focus will be on design exhibitions and fairs.

15.00h - 16.00h Live drawing.


Sunday 27th

12.00h – 13.00h The cart will enter the graduation show to be placed in front of the wall.

Published: 22-Oct-2013 11:33
  • Street Talk in Graduation Show


  • Street Talk in Graduation Show


  • Street Talk in Graduation Show