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Dave Hakkens, graduate of our Academy has been awarded once more for his project ‘Precious Plastic’. He will receive a commission worth € 10.000, - to implement and further delevop his concept. The Social Design Talent Award is an initiative of the City of Eindhoven and is given to students of Design Academy Eindhoven and TU/e.

This year, the jury nominated six of our graduates:

PRECIOUS PLASTIC, door Dave Hakkens
GREY POWER, door Yoni Lefèvre
WE COLLABORATE door Conor Trawinski
CULTIVATING CULTURE, door Jules van den Langenberg
SETTINGS OF CONNECTION, door Sanne Ree Barthels

Dave Hakkens’ Precious Plastic has also been awarded with another prestigious prize: the Keep an Eye grant.
Besides, he gained a lot of media attention for his Phonebloks project.

Dave: “It feels unreal to win two awards in just 3 days. It is a great start for my own design agency.”

More information about this project on:

Published: 23-Oct-2013 10:30
  • Another award for Dave Hakkens

    Dave Hakkens - Precious Plastic.JPG

  • Another award for Dave Hakkens

    The Machines

  • Another award for Dave Hakkens

    The Idea

  • Another award for Dave Hakkens

    Some Plastics Tests

Photography: Lisa Klappe & Dave Hakkens