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Over the last days we welcomed thousands of designlovers, journalists and curators in Manhattan, New York. Being the only academy presenting here, we blended into the playful and diverse fair that the Collective 2 is. 14 projects were presented in an 'impressive installation', according to

Steven Learner founded the Collective Design Fair just 2 years ago. He is a practicing designer and architect, and wants to bring design to a wider audience. The students’ perspective on design is part of that wide scope. Steven Learner was very enthusiastic about the Self Unself presentation. "The students from the Design Academy Eindhoven show us the future of design."

The Dutch exhibitors had an important role in the Collective 2. Both DAE and one of our most succesful alumni, Hella Jongerius,  exhibited in the main hall of Moynihan Station.

Different blogs proved the projects of DAE graduates to be inspiring, indeed. Victoria Ledig's Precious Skin project was bespoken on and on with headlines like 'Would You Wear a Cow's Head?' also highlighted Victoria's project, next to Tomm Velthuis' Meccano and Francois Duquesnoy's Collectables.

Published: 13-May-2014 14:32


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  • Review Collective 2 Design Fair New York

    Self Unself in NewYork

  • Review Collective 2 Design Fair New York

    Self Unself in NewYork