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14-01-2015: DESIGN DEBATE

Which designs comprise our history and future?

12.30-15.00, White Lady (12.30 walk in; start 13.00)

in collaboration with Louis Kalff Institute / René Smeets Awards

Nils Chudy, Jeroen Verhoeven, Tim Enthoven; what do these Design Academy alumni have in common? They were all awarded for the René Smeets Awards. The award, that is celebrating its 25 years of existence, selects each year a promising designer who attains a high degree of professionalism both in the development of the design process and the end result of the graduation project. The student has worked together with manufacturers and the product is potentially feasible. The winner of the René Smeets Award receives a sum of € 2,000 (and eternal glory). In addition to the prize money, the winner receives support from Syntens to develop a business plan.

In collaboration with the Louis Kalff Institute, the jury members & winners of the René Smeets Awards we will discuss which designs comprise our history and future.


With amongst others Nils Chudy (Alumni DAE), Tim Enthoven (Alumni DAE, ovb),  Mirjam Van Coillie, Consumer Marketing Garment Care Philips Consumer Lifestyle Philips, jury member -and one of the 1st winners- of René Smeets Awards, Tet Reuver, Jury member René Smeets Awards & Judith Gussenhoven, art historian History Now.

Published: 03-Jan-2015 13:04


Design Debates

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