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In 2013, Design Academy Eindhoven signed the Design Deal – an innovative collaboration connecting design, social diversities, public space and governing organizations. The Design Deal partnered the Province of Drenthe, the municipality of Noordenveld, Penitentiary Facility Veenhuizen, and Design Academy Eindhoven. With the help of the Ketter&Co foundation, the Design Deal created the social design initiative called "Veenhuizen Collection”.

The Veenhuizen Collection is now a rich assortment of social design products and services that the Design Academy students have created. All projects in the Veenhuizen Collection are linked to its authentic origin; the town of Veenhuizen, her one of a kind history and whatever her future might hold. The designs tend to rethink social hierarchy, cultural interaction and the use of public space, using the knowledge and participation of Veenhuizen’s inhabitants and sustainable, local resources. The ways the Man and Leisure students renew and rethink the use of the unique aspects of the Veenhuizen area, demonstrate the success of the Design Deal.

Based on this, this coming September 21st all participating partners will sign the Design Deal 2.0.

The vision for the future of this deal is focussed on connecting people from different backgrounds and abilities. The prison in Veenhuizen hopes to offer detainees a vision and a new chance. For the Man and Leisure students it means an opportunity to use their creative talent and conceptual thinking in a very real situation.


The signing of this deal will also give form to ‘WEELDE’, a project by Liesje Lobki.  ‘WEELDE’ is a series of tablecloths depicting different social classes in modern society that encourages cooperation and understanding between the different participating organisations.

Published: 15-Sep-2015 13:16
  • Design Deal 2.0

    WEELDE - embroidery project Veenhuizen for signing Design Deal 2

  • Design Deal 2.0

    WEELDE in use - embroidery project Veenhuizen for signing Design Deal 2

  • Design Deal 2.0

    WEELDE in use close up - embroidery project Veenhuizen for signing Design Deal 2

Photography: Polle B. Willemsen