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171 graduates are presenting 197 projects during this year’s Graduation Show, which is curated by Formafantasma.

The 2016 Design Academy Eindhoven graduates are working in a critical moment in time. All 171 newly graduated designers are entering an era characterized by uncertainty, upheaval, aggression and hate.


Yet their vision remains steadfastly positive because design is an optimistic discipline. Our designers believe in a better world, they believe in the possibility of change, and they believe that design can play a central role in the shaping of a new world.

Our 2016 graduates explore larger issues in their designs: peace, production, surveillance and gender. They courageously deal with war and peace, and open the debate on government surveillance and the right to privacy. They delve into gender and how constraints and a narrow way of thinking limit our potential. And they also look at what recently was – by analyzing production processes and posing challenges to big industry. They search for new methods and for material innovations, and they mix craft and technology to create new products that can be made on a more human scale.


Published: 27-Sep-2016 16:41
  • Graduation Show 2016