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By Kim Bouvy

Located just 50 meters from Design Academy Eindhoven is Onomatopee, a project space and independent publishing house. This weekend the exhibit by Marjolijn Dijkman, ’That What Makes Us Human’, will open with the premiere of her film ‘Prospect of Inception’. The opening will be extra special as it is accompanied by a pop-up show by students from Information Design - who present the results of a workshop exploring the possibilities of the riso printing technique in the one-day event. 

In November 2016, Delphine Bedel and her 28 students from the Master programme Information Design were invited by Onomatopee for a RISO printing workshop. Working in small groups, the aim of the workshop lead by Delphine Bedel was to explore the versatility of this stencil technology and create a series of A3 posters-zines, exploring various editing and design formats. Expanding on the initial model, each of the 4 colour was treated as data and information layer, constructing playful or complex narrative structures. Freek Lomme, Onomatopee’s director, also gave an introductory talk about the possibilities of RISO print and independent publishing. In this pop-up exhibition, Onomatopee will present the wonderful results of this one-day workshop.

Onomatopee is a project space and independent publishing house in Brabant, with a RISO printer available for use to students and artists alike. A RISO printer can both be used for technical silkscreen and photo copying, making the RISO technique ideal for multi-layered graphic designs that have a hand-made feel, but can be created mechanically. We would like to thank Arctic Paper Benelux for kindly sponsoring the workshop with their beautiful paper. The RISO pop-up show will take place on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition by Marjolijn Dijkman ‘That What Makes Us Human’. 

Poster/zines by Information Design MA & Delphine Bedel Pop-up show
Saturday 3 December, 17:00

Willemstraat 27
5611 HH Eindhoven 

Published: 02-Dec-2016 15:28


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    Posters and Zines at the pop-up show in Onomatopee


    One of the posters created by MA Information Design students at the workshop