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During the Dutch Design Week (21-29 October 2017) the design research project 'Mycelium-based Materials for Product Design' is exhibited as part of Design Academy Eindhoven's Graduation Show.

The exhibition Fungal Curiosities revolves around the question how we can improve and standardise the technical and experiential qualities of naturally grown, mycelium materials.

‘Mycelium-based materials for product design’ is a research through design project that explores how zero footprint materials can be literally ‘grown’. Scientific research is combined with design-driven methods to gain insights into the technical properties of mycelium-based materials (fungi) (for instance their strength) as well as their experiential qualities (how people respond to them). These studies inform the further development of the materials, as well as the design of a sample collection of consumer products that demonstrates the potential of grown materials. The project underlines how collaborative design research contributes to a sustainable future, and reflects on the pivotal role of designers as agents of change.

On Wednesday 25 October (13.00-13.50 hrs) Reader David Hamers will have a round table discussion about this design research project with the researchers in the Arena of DAE's Graduation Show.

'Mycelium-based materials for product design’ is a project run by DAE's Readership Places and Traces in collaboration with Utrecht University and TU Delft. The project is supported by NWO/TTW.

Published: 18-Oct-2017 15:21


  • Fungal Curiosities exhibited at DAE Graduation Show