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You are warmly invited to ‘Second Reading’, an exhibition featuring Design Academy Eindhoven Design Curating & Writing masters’ students, on the occasion of their graduation, at the Van Abbemuseum. Their collaboratively curated exhibition presents their thesis research in the form of curatorial projects. The exhibition will be on show at the Van Abbemuseum (Bilderdijklaan 10, Eindhoven) from June 16th till June 24th. 

About Second Reading

We tend to accept everyday matters at face value. Take, for example, the brightness of a technological future that’s sold to us by a handful of companies. Or the way a nation’s traditional architecture reflects its policies on identity construction. Or how biodesign can help our bodies become more efficient and smart engineering can prevent bridge suicides. Or, how design is selected, documented and displayed in the form of objects within a museum.
But are these things really what they seem? What happens when you excavate the layers in these phenomena, subject them to critical questioning and examine them from different perspectives? Through rigorous primary research, reference to historical precedent, and engagement with theoretical concepts, the students of the MA in Design Curating & Writing were able to elicit new insights and understandings of these topics. In other words, they engaged in a second reading of designed matters.

2018 graduates and their projects:
  • Max Calabria, Blood, Sweat and Fears: Biodesign’s Complex Relationship with Guilt
  • Delany Boutkan, The Rise of the Internet-Driven ‘Object-Image’ and its Uneasy Relationship to Design Museums
  • Josh Plough, Facts, Factors, and Entities: A New Apparatus for Technology Criticism
  • Kirsten Geekie, In Anticipation: The Role of Design in Mitigating and Indirectly Memorializing Complicated and Preventable Deaths
  • Yasmin Aryani, Mapping the Way Home: The Role of Architecture in Constructing Contested Notions of Identity in Indonesia
Thesis publications have been designed in collaborative partnerships between Design Curating & Writing and graduate students at Graphic Design Arnhem, ArtEZ.
About Design Curating & Writing
The Masters programme in Design Curating & Writing at Design Academy Eindhoven provides the critical and practical skills necessary to interpret
design in its multiple manifestations. Drawing on theory, direct observation, research, and reporting, students develop a personal point of view and experiment with its articulation in the multiple formats of twenty-first century writing and curating.

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Practical Information

Opening times exhibition:
June 16 – 24
Tue – Sun 11am – 5pm

Please RSVP to​

Van Abbemuseum
Bilderdijklaan 10

Published: 14-Jun-2018 14:39
  • Exhibition by Design Curating & Writing masters’ students