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We are proud to announce that the RE-source design research project is nominated for the Dutch Design Award 2019 in the category Design Research. The RE-source project is part of the Places and Traces research group that falls under the umbrella of Research at Design Academy Eindhoven.

The project
The RE-source research project maps urban residual flows, with the aim to use them as a source for circular thinking, doing and learning. To achieve this, RE-source analyzes and provides insight into what kind of systems, locations, products and materials will be necessary. At the same time, RE-source designs strategies to turn these residual flows into an inexhaustible source of energy. Through the network of the municipality of Rotterdam, RE-source aims to gain insight into the method of designing, managing and maintaining public space and the material that flows through those spaces. RE-source investigates which phases are distinguished, which routes are used and which human and non-human actors play a role - such as locations, citizens, professionals, tools, vehicles and distances.

DDA commission on RE-source
‘This is a cooperation at the highest level on the very current topic of circularity. RE-source is a classic example of thorough design research, in which various meanings of sustainability take shape. Their extensive and qualitative research results in a layered website where all the actors (design language, moving images, materials and experts) are beautifully interwoven. The RE-source project hits all the right notes and besides that, knows how to give a complex theme an attractive playfulness. The project has a richness that does justice to the complexity of the subject, from accessible projects to academic applications. Specifically, it provides new design-through-research insights and encourages other parties in the field of circularity to take action.’

The Dutch Design Awards
The winner is announced on 12 June. The work of all winners and nominees are shown in a nine-day exhibition during Dutch Design Week (DDW 19-29 October). This exhibition tells the story of all the nominated designs, contextualizes the works and as a result, clarifies the impact and meaning of the nominated designs. Visitors can vote for their favorite design here; the design that attracts the largest number votes will be rewarded with the Public Award at the end of DDW.

RE-source team
Ester van de Wiel 
Joost Adriaanse 
David Hamers 
Ginette Verstraete 
Jos Klarenbeek 
Thom Bindels
Simone Post 
Paul Slot 
Manon van Hoeckel 
Gemeente Rotterdam
Design Academy Eindhoven – Research group Places and Traces
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Design Cultures

Funded by NWO+SIA smart culture – arts and culture.

Published: 22-May-2019 13:34


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