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We are very proud to announce that the RE-source project has won the Dutch Design Awards in the category Design Research! The RE-source project is a collaboration by Design Academy Eindhoven – readership Places and Traces, VU design cultures and designer Ester van de Wiel. The project maps urban residual flows and designs strategies to convert these residual flows into a "source", a source from which we can draw again and again. The project is funded by NWO+SIA smart culture – arts and culture.

DDA commission on RE-source
‘This is a cooperation at the highest level on the very current topic of circularity. RE-source is a classic example of thorough design research, in which various meanings of sustainability take shape. Their extensive and qualitative research results in a layered website where all the actors (design language, moving images, materials and experts) are beautifully interwoven. The RE-source project hits all the right notes and besides that, knows how to give a complex theme an attractive playfulness. The project has a richness that does justice to the complexity of the subject, from accessible projects to academic applications. Specifically, it provides new design-through-research insights and encourages other parties in the field of circularity to take action.’

RE-source team⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
All the designers in the project are DAE alumni. One of the five designers is Simone Post (BA Man and Living '15 CumLaude), who has mapped the residual flow of grass in the city of Rotterdam. Simone's project shows us the diversity of grass vegetation and makes the possibilities of a new kind of "paper management" visible. And what makes this even more special, Simone has also won the Dutch Design Award for Young Designer of 2018.
The four other designers who each research their own residual flow are Thom Bindels (BA Man & Leisure '17, CumLaude), Jos Klarenbeek (BA Man & Public Space '15), Paul Slot (BA Public Private '17, CumLaude), Manon van Hoeckel (BA Man and Leisure '15, CumLaude). The whole RE-source team consists of Ester van de Wiel, Joost Adriaanse, David Hamers, Ginette Verstraete, We-Are-Amp, Oddsized and Gemeente Rotterdam.

Go to and to for more information on the other designers and their own particular residual flow.

Published: 13-Jun-2019 15:43


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