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The new academic year has officially started. With this new year comes a new name for one of our MA programs. We would like to introduce to you our MA ‘The Critical Inquiry Lab’ (formerly called Design Curating & Writing). The newly assigned Head, Saskia van Stein, decided on the new name together with Creative Director Joseph Grima to reflect the emphasis on research and reflective thinking.

The Critical Inquiry Lab is a two-year Master, an inquisitive trajectory into the expanding field of the design discipline and context in which design operates. The program builds onto the existing curriculum and questions design itself, its role within society at large, and as a cultural signifier and phenomenon in particular. Rooted in design critical theory and research, the department holds a broad understanding of how these reflections can translate or resonate into curatorial practices, editorial positions and strategic actions.

We look forward to see the development of this MA and it’s students under the guidance of Saskia van Stein. For more information on Saskia van Stein click here.

Published: 10-Sep-2019 10:11


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