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We are sorry to announce the second DAE Lecture Series of 2020! has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Right to Design: A purposeful misreading
Kular's lecture is a multi-media misreading of Arjun Appadurai’s 2006 text, 'The Right to Research, Globalisation, Societies and Education'. Through the misreading, the ambition is to interrogate how the subject of design can be considered beyond current educational, institutional and disciplinary boundaries.

Not only as a basic human capacity, but as a ‘right’ in itself, which not only challenges those very structures which sorts ‘Design’ from ‘design’, but also raises urgent questions of what it might mean to be (seen & included) and act as human in a fundamentally troubled world.

Onkar Kular
Onkar Kular’s work investigates how contemporary design practice, its processes, methodologies and outputs, can be used as a medium to engage with and question the understanding of cultural and popular issues. Previous to his appointment at HDK, Onkar was a tutor on the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art. For a period of eight years, Onkar ran the experimental design programme Platform 13, an interdisciplinary platform that challenged and explored the use and impact of design within the developments of new technologies, political and economic systems, culture and society. Onkar Kular was a Stanley Picker Fellow in Design from 2014-2016 at Kingston Univerity, UK.

Published: 21-Feb-2020 15:47


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    DAE Lecture Series 02. Graphics by Sofia Bresciani