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Developments concerning the Corona virus (COVID-19) have been going fast in recent days. The Executive Board has closely followed these developments over the past period and has taken action where necessary. The international character of Design Academy Eindhoven is our strength, but in this case it requires careful monitoring. The first Corona cases have been recently reported in various countries in Europe, bringing the virus closer.

With this message, we inform you so that you know where you can go and what you can do, in order to report a potential infection with the Corona virus.

The national protocol of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is the guideline upon which we act

1. Travel
For outbound and inbound journeys, the policy of Design Academy Eindhoven is that we adhere to the travel advice of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can find it here

This travel advice can change per day or during the day. So check the travel advice well in advance.
At which:
Red = do not travel
Orange = do not travel, unless absolutely essential
Yellow = health risk, make a risk analysis
Green = travel

In addition, it is important that travelers adhere to the travel protocol of the country from which they depart.

Example of a risk analysis for incoming student, teacher or staff member from "yellow" area:
- What is the situation in the area you come from?
- Was a quarantine waranted in the area?
- Did you have contact with people who are infected?
- How were things in the immediate vicinity? Parents, family?
- Did you use public transportation frequently?

If the risk is estimated to be low and the traveler may leave the country, then travel is also permitted. This is in line with the national policy of RIVM and BUZA.

2. Contamination
In the event of a possible infection, do not come to DAE and stay home at least until you have had contact with doctors or the municipal health service GGD. Be precautious and take an incubation period of 2 weeks into account.

What are the symptoms:
1. Fever (at least 38 degrees Celsius) and at least one of the following respiratory symptoms: cough, shortness of breath
2. The complaints have arisen within 14 days after returning from a country / region with widespread transmission¹).
3. The symptoms have arisen within 14 days after contact with a patient with a confirmed infection with COVID-19.

If you were in a risk area and / or you have doubts about the symptoms of the virus, contact your doctor immediately and collect as much relevant information as possible:
- Date of travel to risk area
- Where were you exactly?
- Date of return
- Date of first symptoms
- Nature of the symptoms
- Permission to be contacted by third parties

In case of possible infections within Design Academy Eindhoven we wish to be able to have direct contact and collect information centrally:
- Students contact Olga Pullens directly ( ).
- Teachers, coordinators, heads and staff contact Emke Molnar (+31 6 83372689).
- If necessary, Olga and Emke will contact GGD with the collected information.
- GGD will contact the patient if necessary and makes an assessment of the situation, the possible risk and the follow-up.

3. Reporting obligation
In the case of a possible contamination, there is a reporting obligation. DAE is required to report to the GGD. Therefore your cooperation and information is crucial to DAE.

4. Milan
Tuesday it was announced that the Salone in Milan will not take place next April and will be postponed to June 16-21. This means that the Master admissions in Milan are canceled.

5. Master tour 28 February
This tour takes place as planned. The list of applicants has been screened. Applicants come from the Netherlands (14) and from countries that are not on the list of risk areas. Everyone who has registered will receive a message asking whether they have traveled to or in a risk area in the past 2 weeks. For the tours scheduled from March, we too will look at who signs up and what their background information is, specifically with regard to Corona.

6. Admissions Bachelor's
The "live" Bachelor admissions in Eindhoven are planned in the week for April. The Executive Board and the Education Office have decided that no unnecessary risks should be taken here with 500 candidates from all over the world. That is why the admissions are filled in in a different way so that no candidates need to come to Eindhoven. This is regardless whether the candidate in question comes from a risk area or not.

7. Finally
The recent developments around the Corona virus can lead to unrest. Let’s make sure to avoid panic situations. Please inform yourself regularly via the media and the RIVM and contact the designated persons within DAE if you think this is necessary. The Executive Board will update you as soon as there is reason to do so again.

¹) Countries / regions with widespread transmission are: (26-02-2020) China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Iran and some municipalities in Italy: Codogno e dintorni, Sesto Cremonese, Pizzighettone, Soresina, Sesto SG , Pieve Porto Morone (Province of Lombardy) and V'o Euganeo, Mira (Province of Veneto).

Published: 01-Jan-2008 11:34


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