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The Dutch Government notes that universities and colleges of applied sciences often have a diverse, international population. This means that these institutes also deal with many entry and exit movements. They therefore call on these institutes, and thus on our institute, to no longer offer education on location until March 31.

At Design Academy Eindhoven we noticed that the number of students coming to school was gradually dwindling. Up until this point, tutors were present and until March 11 education has continued as normal. But the consideration of the government's measure for cultural institutions, public places and events involving gatherings of more than 100 people also applies within our open structured educational floors and workshops. DAE's applied educational programme includes various craft workshops, and working side by side with fellow students and tutors. These activities cannot easily be replaced by online lectures and online tutoring. However, due to the individual character of guidance within the MA programmes, the education and assessments of Master students can continue online. Online education to continue the BA curriculum will be developed in the upcoming week.

Our paramount concern is the student’s and staff’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, and from a collective societal point of view, we want to contribute to minimize risk for our surrounding communities and take into account that there is a group within society that is not strengthened against the virus. Until today no infections have been reported in the academy and these measures will contribute that it will stay like that.

For that reason we close DAE as from Friday March 13 until March 31. The academy remains open today, Friday 13 March, until 17:00 so students are able to collect their personal belongings.

Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is currently home to a community of many nationalities and cultures from more than 50 different countries worldwide. Most of our staff lives in the Netherlands, but some of them also live outside of the Netherlands. And apart from the nationality of our student body and staff a considerable amount of them also work internationally. Now that the coronavirus is confirmed as a pandemic we safeguard our international character and take our responsibility towards public health at the forefront of everything we do.

We are working with the heads and coordinators of each department to develop an appropriate, supportive policy for upcoming end-of-term and final assessments and for the ongoing syllabus. The details will be worked out over the next week and we will update all students when the school reopens or within the next two weeks. DAE’s executive board asks for your understanding in this exceptional situation.


With kinds regards,

DAE Executive Board



Below you will find the new measures for the whole population of the Netherlands


Please also read the rest of the updates protocol with a new set of measures by Dutch Government announced this afternoon. All measures below will be in effect as of today and will run until March 31 (until further notice):

Firstly, the measures for our province Brabant are stricter than in any other province due to the high amount of untraceable infections.

1.     Reporting obligation

In the case of a possible contamination, there is a reporting obligation. DAE is required to report to the GGD. Therefore, your cooperation and information is crucial to DAE. Also during the closed period you can reach out to Olga Pullens (Dean) (+31 6 44594717).

2.     Stay at home when ill

If it is in any way possible to work from home instead of public spaces, even if you are healthy, please do so. It is better to avoid any risk of spreading the infection.

In the event of any health complaints, such as a cold, cough, or fever stay at home until you have had contact with doctors or the municipal health service GGD. Be precautious and take an incubation period of two weeks into account. Please read our previous protocol #2 for more info on how to check if you are infected.

This advice was already in place in the previous protocol, but we stress that it is important to follow up on this advice. This advice is regardless of where you have been and with whom you have been in contact.

3.     Events with more than 100 visitors are cancelled

Any event that attracts more than 100 people are forbidden. This will affect museums, sport matches, lectures and so on. This already has been the reason why all large gatherings at DAE did not take place.

4.     Avoid public transport

Before you travel at any time this upcoming period, please consider carefully if it is necessary to do so. It is adviced to avoid public transport if you are one of the risk-groups. Although our community is young and vital, in order to keep it that way please consider your travels as these public spaces are areas were infection can take place.

Also consider your travels abroad, restrictions change quickly as we have seen with the ban by the us and that might mean it could disrupt or prevent your travel to other countries and more importantly, your return to Eindhoven. We also like to refer to update #2 concerning this matter.

5.     Please consider visiting elderly or vulnerable people

Dutch Government calls to action towards awareness: Although you might not feel very ill or you might think you are not infected, the illness can be transmitted to people who are in much bigger danger than you might be and could be facing serious implications from COVID-19.

6.     Finally

Please read our previous update #2 with care as it explains many things about our responsibility as a school and hygiene measures. Lastly, we know that the measures might change by the hour. We will update you once needed. The national protocol of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is the guideline upon which we act.

If you are a student and you have any questions, please consult the coordinator of the department or Olga Pullens (Dean) (+31 6 44594717).

If you are a tutor and you have any questions, please consult the coordinator of the department or Emke Molnar (HR) (+31 6 83372689).

If you are staff, head or coordinator and you have any questions, please consult your supervisor or Emke Molnar (HR) (+31 6 83372689).

If Emke or Olga cannot be reached directly by phone, please send them a text message.

Published: 13-Jan-2008 06:25


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