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All good things come to an end; RE-source is wrapping up 3 years of design research by the Places & Traces Lectorate at the DAE.

In the last three years we created presentations, exhibitions, education, a website, a movie, and a book. Central theme was the urgent matter of circular design in cities. How can we enter a RE-era? How can we RE-design residual material flows to avoid waste, in theory and in practice?

We are proud to mention that we won a Dutch Design Award with this project. Collaborating with a variety of institutions and people, we gathered insights that could fill a library. We feel our best way to celebrate is to share. 

David Hamers, professor at the DAE Places & Traces Lectorate and project leader of RE-source, will host the evening. Ester van de Wiel, design researcher, will give a presentation. Ginette Verstraete (professor at VU Amsterdam), Manon van Hoeckel (designer) and Jos Klarenbeek (designer) will join for a conversation led by our host, David Hamers. Joost Adriaanse (researcher VU Amsterdam) will collect questions from the audience – you!

To wrap up a wonderful three years of this special project, we invite you all to come join us while we share our findings and highlights. After the event the book RE-source will be freely available to all.

We would love to see you all:

RE-source – Welcome to a RE-era
May 26
Online via Go-To-Meeting
7 - 8 PM, CEST
Please note: we will start at 7 PM sharp, no need to make a reservation but make sure you are on time.  

How to access the meeting:
This event is by invitation only. Didn’t receive an invitation? Please send an email to to access the meeting. 
Kind regards,

Team RE-source
Published: 20-May-2020 13:02


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