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Please find update #9 below and the archive of all updates at the bottom of this page.

The reopening of The Netherlands is continuing as planned – this is very good news as it means that we are also able to follow through with our plans for a phased reopening of DAE, starting with the return of graduating students from 2 June. 

In The Netherlands, we talk about an “intelligent lockdown”. The number of new cases of the COVID-19 virus has flattened but we still face a period of restriction. To be able to begin a limited reopening of the workshops on 2 June and – if necessary – provide limited practical classes (offline) at the Academy for our graduates from 15 June, we have to observe the general preventative measurements for limiting the spread of the virus (distancing, hygiene, spreading of people in the building and travelling to and from the Academy). Above all, the safety and health of students and staff needs to be assured and we will monitor the situation as we reopen and follow the advice of the RIVM. 

To manage returning to DAE in a safe manner, students will be able to reserve time slots for the workshops, the library and for individual workspaces via an app. The link to download this app will be shared as soon as possible in an email from the Educational Desk. In addition to welcoming back graduating students, we will also be opening up to employees from 2 June. Again, we have to organise this carefully to avoid overcrowding. More information will follow. 

Other important dates for our returning graduates are 23 June 2020, when BA and MA exams will take place for those who can do this online. From 24-31 August 2020, BA and MA exams will take place for those who need to use the workshops. And finally, on 1 September 2020, it is our intention to organise a Graduation Ceremony, with the Masters’ graduations in the morning and the Bachelors’ in the evening. We will make sure that these events will be safe and as festive as possible. Re-examinations for those who do not pass during June or August will take place in the second half of September. 

And of course, as mentioned before, we are working very hard towards a Graduation Show and Graduation Catalogue in October. All content for the catalogue will need to be collected before mid-September. For the show, all possible scenarios and locations that fit within the 1.5m protocols are being explored. The Executive Board underlines the importance of the exhibition experience and is committed to give all graduating students a physical show, but is also aware that a show with huge crowds is not part of the reality for the upcoming edition. We are confident the best possible solution will be found and implemented.

Finally, if you come to work at the Academy, you must follow the guidelines as shown on the newly installed posters in the building. We are relying on everyone to take responsibility for themselves and each other and respect and follow these rules. If you wish, you can wear a facemask within DAE – these will not be provided by DAE as they are not mandatory. If possible, please travel by bicycle or on foot to the Academy. From 1 June onwards, it will be obligatory to wear facemasks on all public transport, including the train, tram, bus and metro.

For all other information such as opening hours of the White Lady Building or information for non-graduates please refer to the Q&As. You can find an outline of these plans in our previous update #8

For all of you who will return to DAE at the beginning of the new academic year, we thank you for your patience and we wish you all a good summer. We very much look forward to a phased opening and to welcome all of you back in September.

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Published: 21-May-2019 12:09


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