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 Designer Michael Kluver recently completed his degree from Design Academy Eindhoven and he's pleased to present one of his student projects, "Just Chairs," on the occasion of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, from October 22 – 30. It's a fairly straightforward concept: Kluver has taken four iconic chair designs from the 20th century and essentially undesigned them by mapping each one to "the simple archetype form" of a chair, sort of the Platonic ideal of four legs, a seat and a back, with the "same seating height, seating width, seating depth, overall height, and angle of the backrest." Signature details are flattened and reduced to purely aesthetic elements, signifiers for more (or arguably less) idealistic design philosophies.

article by Core77:

Published: 22-Oct-2011 15:23
  • Michael Kluwer at Core77


  • Michael Kluwer at Core77


  • Michael Kluwer at Core77


  • Michael Kluwer at Core77