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Marcus Fairs (editor-in-chief of Dezeen magazine) posted a few quotes of Ilse Crawford (curator of Design Academy Eindhoven) on Twitter. Ilse discussed the role of designers. See the following summery of Marcus Fairs.

Marcus Fairs
@marcusfairs London

Ilse Crawford just came by our studio in Ventura Lambrate to discuss #milanuncut. Very interesting, stand by for a deluge of tweets...

Ilse Crawford: "It's a nightmare" designing furniture and lighting. Always involves so much uncertainty. Interiors offer more stability.

Ilse Crawford: Designers need to look at the big picture. Many companies struggling. Their product development costs are so high #milanuncut

Ilse Crawford advice to designers: retain copyright. You can sell to brand later or take
elsewhere if doesn't go into production #milanuncut

Ilse Crawford: But copyright ownership needs to be asserted and put in writing at very start of project. Later it's too late. #milanuncut

Ilse Crawford: Designers have to understand their place in financial cake. I don't think there's any spare money floating about #milanuncut

Ilse Crawford: Designers need to be better entrepreneurs. But financial system doesn't support creativity' hard to get loans. #milanuncut

Ilse Crawford: Designers often end up being "voluntary workers for millionaires" #milanuncut

When designing interiors, Crawford negotiates "rollout" payments, triggered each time brand opens new store/bar etc using design #milanuncut

Ilse Crawford: Designers "need a wider circle of friends". They need to know lawyers, financiers etc, not just other designers #milanuncut

Ilse Crawford: Designing furniture and lighting "a nightmare". Always so much uncertainty. Interiors offer more stability. #milanuncut



Published: 19-Apr-2011 15:21


Milan 2011
  • Interview Ilse Crawford by Marcus Fairs


  • Interview Ilse Crawford by Marcus Fairs

    Marcus Fairs