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During the presentation of Design Academy Eindhoven
at the Milan Design Week you could hear sounds.
On a piano.



The music box: who has not grown up with?
A wooden roll with pins that turns along a kind of metal comb. The right pin in the right place and you can hear a song…
But it can also be vice versa: if you're not starting from a song, but from a particular pattern, you can listen how this pattern sounds. Something of a kind must have been in Akko Goldenbeld thoughts when he made his graduation project. He made an enormous role with a three dimensional map of Eindhoven and connected that, using the principles of a music box, to a piano. Last week, visitors of the Milan Design Week 2011 could listen to the roofs of Eindhoven.

Dutch Text:
Original dutch text: Rutger Middendorp

Published: 19-Apr-2011 15:09


Milan 2011
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