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Walter Amerika arrived back from Milan:

Just came back from first; time Milans Salon del Mobili, the international design hot spot. In my new role as Connector (creative and strategic advisor to the executive board) of the Design Academy Eindhoven Family. The DAE decided to move to a new place, where Curator Ilse Crawford put together an amazing show, called This Way. Together with of course...the students, graduates and alumni of the academy who were involved in everything: content, catering, carpentering, you name it. The buzz is already going around, that the academy has found new ground. Next to design with a cultural meaning, traditionally the strong point of the academy, we are seeing design with social relevance and design with an economic value....

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Published: 16-Apr-2011 13:49


Milan 2011
  • Back from Milan Design Fair : Proud, Happy and Confused

    Walter Amerika

  • Back from Milan Design Fair : Proud, Happy and Confused