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Breakfast Business - Milan Breakfast
by Barbara Putman Cramer, Living Antenna

Whilst looking for a spot to store my Bikemi (Milan’s bike-sharing system) near Piazza Lodi, I followed the black arrows on white paper sheets, glued to walls, lanterns and doors toward the space hosting the Design Academy Eindhoven exhibition, on Via Frulli. Before visiting the exhibition I sat down at the take-away cafe run by Keuken Confessies (Kitchen Confessions), enjoying actual rose tea.

The central area was set up with two long pick-nick tables, covered with classical light-brown gift-wrap paper, decorated with hand-painted plates and cutlery. This is where the Milan Breakfasts take place, quality conversations on design, with free coffee and croissants. I can’t think of a better way to bring people together and evoke some sense of communion, other than through great food. Hopefully the valuable discussions are continued over lunch, aperitivi or dinner.

Published: 15-Apr-2011 09:18


Milan 2011
  • Living Antenna talks about 'Breakfast Business'


  • Living Antenna talks about 'Breakfast Business'

    Breakfast Business