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Project: Landinwaarts, van Dordt tot de Biesbosch [Inland, from Dordrecht to the Biesbosch]
Departments: Man and Public Space and Man and Leisure

With the project ‘Landinwaarts, van Dordt tot de Biesbosch’ (Inland, from Dordrecht to the Biesbosch), commissioned by the Dordrecht municipality, Design Academy Eindhoven is for the third time presenting its views on and solutions to a set of urban, cultural-historical and social issues. Previous projects have been ‘Dordrecht’(2008) and ‘Welkom!’(2009).

This year, the Design Academy Eindhoven students were briefed to ‘unlock’ the Biesbosch ‘both mentally and physically’. Focal points have been the connections between the town and the country, the land and the water, and the use of the Biesbosch area. The main condition was that recreation and nature rehabilitation should reinforce each other. The Biesbosch is one of the larger areas of natural beauty in the Netherlands with an international reputation (for its natural beauty), stretching out into the provinces of Zuid-Holland and Brabant. In addition to, of course, nature, the connected development of the area as a place of recreation has been an important assignment. Extension in both policy areas is needed. More than 20 students from the design departments Man and Public Space and Man and Leisure have worked on the project. The Biesbosch intends to actually apply some of their ideas in the area. In addition, we aim to use these proposals as an impetus for the debate on opening up the Biesbosch. The students’ inspiring views and their ability to think outside the box form the perfect starting point for doing so.

Dick Verhijen, Natuur en Recreatieschap Hollandse Biesbosch and Karel Willems, Programma Impuls Gemeente Dordrecht

Work from Jetske Visser:

Published: 05-Apr-2011 11:41
  • Biesbosch project at THIS WAY exhibition


  • Biesbosch project at THIS WAY exhibition

    Jetske Visser - Biesbosch