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Friday February 10 the finals of the warm Sweaterday Design Competition will be held during the national Warm Sweaterday.
DAE student Joëlle Linden is one of the potential winners of the Warm Design Competition.
Her design is inspired by the Kepenek: the traditional Turkish shepherd’s outfit.

“It’s a reinterpretation that combines the spirit of a country, their craft and especially their relationship to nature, with a modern cut and sustainable material choices. The employment of organic wool treated with traditional felting and dyeing techniques, are choices that assure a respectful relationship to nature. Also, it revives and reinvigorates traditional and forgotten knowledge by putting them in a new context.”

The national day and associated design competition are initiated by the Dutch climate alliance ‘Klimaatverbond Nederland’. This is a cooperation of more than 150 lower governments against climate problems. The Warm Sweaterday is a campaign that has been successful for years now.

There are seven other entries, besides Joelle. You can take a look at the website of Warm Sweaterday Design Competition.


Published: 06-Feb-2012 15:51


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    Kepenek by Joëlle Linden

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