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DAE student Dave Hakkens makes his own creation of terrazzo floors, he uses materials from an old building in the new one.

Usually when renovating a building, everything disappears completely. Sometimes only a picture can remember us the original condition. When demolishing a building, a completely new one takes over its place. It happens without leaving any trace of what has been there before. Well, DAE student Dave comes with a solution!  

Dave says: ‘I was inspired by the terrazzo floors. Although these floors are made from waste produced in the marble mines, they are really decent and have a good quality, which you can see and feel. I wanted to find out if we could use our own waste which is being produced while demolishing something.’

Dave did several tests with different materials and he made a selection of which materials are possible: crushing bricks and roof tiles as a pigment. Dave made three different examples of what it could look like, "But basically any combination is possible", the student explains. Besides, this Rubble Floors are also a memorial to the origin space. Dave: ‘For example, an old bathroom with Delft blue tiles, can be re-used in the new one.’
So, you get the chance to keep your memories of the origin.

Making of a piece of floor:

Published: 09-Feb-2012 15:31


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