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The exhibition “De dood & hoe het ook kan’ (dying and more…) shows design projects about special and emotional products in the funeral industry. This exhibition is open at Roosgeeftvorm in Eindhoven from February 24th till March 10th

Death is a growing hype on the internet. Social media platforms like Facebook offer the opportunity for online burial places. i-Tromb and i-Memorial are some other examples. These days, there is a bigger need for physic products, with content and meaning. This exhibition shows another point of view on this subject. 

The ‘Culinaire Werkplaats’ offers a special ‘opening-bread’ during the opening on Friday the 24th from 17.00 till 20.00 hour. The pop-its factory of Ridder & Clown asks visitors to bring your well-beloved piece of clothes and transform it into valuable pop-its. 

Exhibitors are Ridder & Clown, Michel Kuipers, Nadia Gonegai, de Culinaire Werkplaats and Roos Kuipers. Visitor’s information: Willemstraat 21, 5611 HB Eindhoven.


Published: 14-Feb-2012 13:58


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