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  • Kiki van Eijk
    DAE alumna Kiki van Eijk will present several exhibitions at different locations during Salone del M... Read More

  • The Machine
    Z33 presents work of DAE alumni Thomas Maincent (FR), Thomas Vailly (FR) and Joong Han Lee (KOR/NL) ... Read More

  • Tim Enthoven
    The “Canvasconnectie” shows the work of DAE alumnus Tim Enthoven on Canvas channel (Belg... Read More

  • Temporary Nomads Particles
    Three alumni of DAE will exhibit the Temporary Nomads Particles in Krabbedans (Eindhoven, the Nether... Read More

  • Eating designer
    March 2012 DAE alumna Marije Vogelzang has her own vision of designers who work with the subject ... Read More

  • Save Fruit
    DAE alumna Jihyun Ryou focuses on the food preservation. The Korean designer Jihyun translates tradi... Read More

  • Cookbook wins
    The cookbook “Maak van de noot een deugd” (a variation of the proverb “make a virt... Read More

  • Objects of the forest
    DAE alumnus Andrea Bandoni (graduated in 2009) presents the Objects of the forest. This project'... Read More

  • Capsters
    DAE alumna Cindy van den Bremen captures the international soccer fields with her Dutch Capsters! FI... Read More

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