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From 28 June to 31 August, Het Nieuwe Instituut will show an exhibition including work of our students in the master Social Design. The exhibition is curated by Jan Boelen, product designer, artistic director of Z33, and head of the Social Design master’s department at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

In collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut, he made an exhibition that reveals how periods of crisis can give rise to renewal. Scarcity can spur innovation. Designing Scarcity showcases a panoply of design strategies that designers as well as users employ in times of scarcity. The exhibition features urban planning projects, buildings, interior objects, consumer goods and intellectual models, from contemporary works by designers like Atelier Van Lieshout and Formafantasma to historical designs by the architects Gerrit Rietveld, J.J.P. Oud and Van den Broek and Bakema. 

Our master’s students are also contributing contemporary proposals dealing with the subject of scarcity and inspired by works in Het Nieuwe Instituut’s archive. 

For more information about the exhibition, please visit the website of Het Nieuwe Instituut.

In the coming days, short articles about our contributing master's students will appear on Facebook!


Published: 15-Jun-2014 12:49


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  • Master's students in Designing Scarcity

    John Habraken, Heineken world bottles, Collection Het Nieuwe Instituut

  • Master's students in Designing Scarcity

    Fiona du Mesnildot, How to use the nonexistent? Master student Social Design DAE

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