Vessels: An object or product sometimes in conjunction with product service systems that act as carriers of intangible content. This intangible content is either generated by the user or product service provider or a combination of the two.

This definition is a term I am using to define the nature of products within product service systems. As a conceptual designer traditionally we give inanimate objects meaning or associations. Through out my work I have been exploring ways of applying this conceptual approach of designing objects and products. It seems that product service systems or at least within the context I am working now (in-flight services) there is a relevance and opportunity to explore and develop this nature of object. 

What makes services a suitable context for objects as vessels is that it expects that in the moments of interaction within services, as designers we can not control or design the experiences. Rather we can cater or stimulate experience which the players themselves create.





Published: 12-May-2012 14:23