SDT 2012 was the first international conference on service design thinking in the travel and tourism industry. For the first time, the conference brought togther a community interested in the practical application of service design thinking within the travel and tourism industry. The conference was hosted by MCI - Management Center Innsbruck, department of tourism. 

Bas Raijmakers and I represented the Design Academy in the workshop 'reversing negative emotions during in-flight services'. The Goal of the workshop was to explore and gain insight from participants how we might stimulate interactions between people during long haul flights and discuss what nature of interactions these might be.

In order to do this participants began by generating negative stories they had personnaly experienced on long haul flights. From these stories they were asked to use objects/touchpoints commonly found in long haul flights as props to solve, change or avoid their negative experience.


Here's what happened:






Published: 10-Sep-2012 15:15


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