During the Dutch Design Week the CRISP project 'Grey but Mobile' will present a pilot called Aevus, in which elderly people can experience a new type of taxi service. Four electric cars will drive them around the centre of Eindhoven, with a taxi driver who will give a hand where needed, without any time pressure. Drivers will give an arm to walk someone to the door, carry groceries and are simply open to a pleasant conversation. Normal human interactions that are lost in our society where time is money in many service systems. We want to test if this model of transport with a helping hand will give an extra value to all people inolved. 
The pilot Aevus is organized by the CRISP team of the Design Academy Eindhoven, UTwente and ZuidZorg with help from TUeindhoven. The choosen electric cars are two Mia's and two g-Cabs.
On 25 and 26 October the four cars will drive in central Eindhoven between 10am and 6pm.
On Friday 26 October these cars and the pilot will also be presented durring the discussions that are part of the Design Review in the Witte Dame.
Published: 19-Oct-2012 14:12


Grey but Mobile
  • Aevus pilot during Dutch Design Week 2012