Are you interested in doing design research?

Do you want to know what this CRISP design research thing is all about? Join us! On 4 Wednesdays in November and December we're hosting the first of a series of Open Design Spaces. We offer students from Design Academy and Industrial Design at Eindhoven Technical University the opportunity to collaborate in a multidisciplinary team creating academic knowledge through design.

During these 4 Wednesdays you'll be tinkering and tailoring with textile and technology with experts from the CRISP Smart Textile Services team*. If you successfully finish the programme, you'll be awarded 2 ECTS credits, an official publication and great references for future jobs or studies, proving your affinity with design research.

We kick off the programme on November 28 at V2_ in Rotterdam (see added program flyer) , with a workshop on smart social crafting with Betsy Greer, who will be the keynote speaker in the Design Debates of November 29. On December 5 and 12 we'll continue at DAE exploring what a smart-textile could be, under the guidance of our expert team. Through testing and prototyping, discussing and reflecting we'll work towards a concrete outcome which will be presented during our last session on December 19. The work will be done in teams, but you will also document your research individually and the outcomes from this effort will be part of a CRISP publication coming out in 2013.

By participating in the Open Design Spaces you will gain hand-on experience on what it means to do design research. You'll be provided with additional information on the topics we address in the form of a reader and also in the form of personal knowledge and inspiration from different guests. Of course participation in the sessions also gives you a unique opportunity to work with students from outside of DAE and exchange skills.

Interested? Send us an e-mail at with a short motivation (deadline 17 November) on why you'd like to join. There is room for a maximum of 12 students. Based on your motivation, we will make a selection. It will help if you list any relevant skills and experience you may have. Send it in  and we might welcome you as part of our team! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail or drop by our glass office on the third floor.


*Partners of the CRISP STS project: Design Academy Eindhoven, TU/e Industrial Design, Saxxion Hogeschool Textile Engineering and Management, TU Delft Industrial Engineering, Textielmuseum, V2_, Waag Society, Modint, Contactgroep Textiel, Johan van den Acker Textielfabriek, Artofil, Lantor, Unit040, Metatronics, de Wever.

Published: 08-Nov-2012 21:07


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