During a workshop at Schiphol with Cabin crew we explored the nature of interactions Cabin Crew have during long haul flights with passengers and how they could reverse them into positive ones.

First the Cabin Crew generated a story board of a negative experience they have had with a passenger. They were then asked to brainstorm what emotions this passengers was probably feeling during this incident.

Having done that they had to re-create thescenario but how they might do something differently to transform the experience into a positive one.

This was a great sucess. One example was a Cabin Crew member who had to tell a passenger that he could not lie down in the Isle as it wasn’t safe. When she informed him he got angry and insisted that he couldn’t sleep and so he had every right to sleep here. The Cabin Crew member persisted to inform the passenger that he was not allowed and must return to his seat.

Eventually the passenger did but was not happy about it.

On reflection in the second round the Cabin Crew member realised that actually the problem wasn’t him lying in the isle it was that he couldn’t get to sleep. She speculated that she could have offered him a blanket and pillow and maybe a cup of tea to help him sleep better in his seat.
Published: 21-Jan-2013 19:13


  • Cabin Crew Interactions Workshop