“ I seem to lose words like another person loses blood” J. Bernlef, Out of mind.


By reading this sentence, one can perhaps begin to understand the struggles of an Alzheimer’s patient. Little by little the capacity to remember, speak or even move, withers and questions arise as to how one can live with such a deteriorating condition.

In this edition of Open Design Spaces (ODS) we will explore how game elements can form a new ‘alphabet’ providing patients with a channel of communication.

During 4 Wednesdays, starting from the 8th of May, 15th May, 22nd May and 29th May, we will do a design research project investigating how gaming elements can be used as triggers for physical and social stimluation of Alzheimer’s patients.

Participating in the Open Design Space is Monobanda (a serious game organization), Careyn (a social enterprise working with elderly Alzheimer’s patients), several experts on Dementia as well as a selection of various designers, researchers and Tom Bieling (Design Research Lab, Berlin).  

If you would like to participate and contribute to the human-centred co-design project: G-motiv, please send us a letter of motivation (deadline April 29th) .

BA students will receive 2 ECT credits when the course is successfully completed Master students are also welcome to apply through authorization from the Head of the department.

Published: 19-Mar-2013 12:18


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