I wanted to share with you one of my current favorite resources, sometimes it’s hard to know where to find the good stuff :) You might have noticed that in the CRISP office on the 3rd floor we have a few shelves full of books, you are welcome to come speak with us about them, all of us are more than happy to share our favorites.

One book on the shelf is called “Convivial Toolbox: Generative Research for the Front End of Design”. I’ve been reading publications from Elizabeth Sanders (from Columbus University) for awhile now, and you can imagine how pleased I was to hear that her and Pieter Jan Stappers (from TU/Delft) have written a book together. It is just as it says, more of a toolbox than a typical book. Inside you can find a thorough introduction and explanation of the theories and ideas behind generative research, and how it fits within a design research landscape. Full of examples, case studies, and even frameworks for setting up generative research workshops or processes. I'm constantly using it as a resources, inspiration, and to share with others what kind of work I'm doing!

“This book is about generative design research, an approach to bring the people we serve through design directly into the design process in order to ensure that we can meet their needs and dreams for the future....These ideas and dreams can, in turn, inform and inspire other stakeholders in the design and development process” (pg 8)

Published: 17-Jul-2013 14:29


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  • A GbM Favorite Resource: Convivial Toolbox

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