During Dutch Design Week 2013 the members of CRISP gathered at their bi-annual Design Review Session. During this event each project presented concrete examples of work that is coming out of their research. Grey but Mobile broke the norm and showed the IRIS pilot in a role-played scenario, during which the DAE team took the stage to showcase their Empathic Adventure suit. 

This suit is one part of a method they are developing that will share their qualitative research in an experiential way. Then method they call “Empathic adventures” as it allows people to experience physically and mentally the mobility needs, wishes and situation of elderly people living at home. It is the combination of a suit that restricts movement, headphones with an mp3 track filling your head with thoughts, and a task to accomplish. These adventures will be adapted to each unique story of an elderly that is captured by them, and will help our diverse team build insights together for future PSS opportunities.

Heather stood on stage outfitted in the prototype and played the role of an elderly woman using the IRIS Concept to get support for her bus trip. The audience was curious about the suit and many conversations with fellow CRISPers after the presentation were about the potential others saw in the suits application. This enthusiasm fuels Heather and Maartje to keep going in its development!

Published: 28-Oct-2013 16:31


Grey but Mobile
  • Empathic Adventure presented at CRISP DRS5

    Empathic Adventure