What can we do with all the user research we've done? How can we share these mobility stories with interested parties? How can we create value with these stories?

In response to these questions, Heather and Maartje are developing what they call An Empathic Adventure. This offers an empathic physical and mental experience of the stories we have captured. Through body restraints, an mp3 track, and a specific task we offer participants to wear someone else shoes for a moment. 

The concept of designing simulation experiences is not new in the design world. Designers use them often to gain valuable insights for the (re)design or products and services. What we are interested in is to take this general experience and make it rooted in specific local stories for designers, policy makers, formal and informal care givers, family members and the general public. We believe that with An Empathic Adventure you can trigger and stimulate real changes to come to life, and to make innovative solutions relevant to the people we are serving through collaboration.

An Empathic Adventure was first introduce during the DAE GbM Open Design Space #5 to students, and also to the CRISP Network during the Design Review Session in October 2013 (link!!!).

Published: 29-Nov-2013 17:07


Grey but Mobile
  • GbM@DAE team are prototyping


  • GbM@DAE team are prototyping