As a part of the CRISP Design Review Session# 4, Klaas-Jan Wierda (Océ), Monique Kemner (VanMorgen) and myself presented our experience with the Value Pursuit workshop tool and were questioned by Jacob Buur from the University of Southern Denmark. One of the topics we raised was that it is important to realise that networks providing PSS are social networks and that relations of value within these networks are created by individual people as extensions of the companies they represent. Trust within a network affects a person’s ability to convey experience and communicate how this expertise can be used. This, in turn, affects how resources are shared within a network. One approach to building trust in networks is by expanding the stakeholders’ overview and understanding of how their individual efforts contribute to the success of a PSS.

You can read more about visualising value maps within a networks in order to build and maintain trust in the article " A Concentric Balance" in the second edition of the Crisp Magazine. 



Published: 06-Dec-2013 16:48


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  • Value Pursuit in Crisp Magazine#2

    Crisp Magazine #2

  • Value Pursuit in Crisp Magazine#2

    Value Pursuit article

  • Value Pursuit in Crisp Magazine#2

  • Value Pursuit in Crisp Magazine#2

    CRISP Design Review Session #4

  • Value Pursuit in Crisp Magazine#2