"The Proof is in the Pudding"

"Prototypes are early expressions of the ultimate product and by making them we get a better undersatnding of what is possible - and impossible. Prototypes can also be carriers of research, platforms to test your idea about how principles work. And prototypes can be showcases of 'what research can do' and in that respect function as perfect communication tools. But what about prototyping PSS, and prototyping in PSS research? Is that something completely different?"

Chairman of CRISP's executive board, Paul Hekkert


The Crisp Design Review Session# 6 discussed 'Prototyping for Science' and presented prototypes developed within the different CRISP research projects over the course of the last three years. Amongst these prototypes was the Value Pursuit. It is a prototype designed to trigger discussions on difficult topics, giving stakeholders insights in each others values and goals, while visualising and aligning these gains and contributions.

"Prototypes can be scary because it is always a step in the dark, it is about trying something new. You may reduce the risks, but if you try to take away all that is risky, you might never get to the actual prototyping part. When it comes to prototyping, especially for PSSs there is a value in approaching it not as a scientific experiment, but as play"..."Perhaps CRISP in itself can be seen as one big PSS prototype?". 

Marte den Hollander, senior designer NPK design


Published: 20-Apr-2014 22:13


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  • Prototyping for Science

    Crisp Design Review Session #6

  • Prototyping for Science

  • Prototyping for Science

  • Prototyping for Science