by Alessia Cadamuro, Valentijn Visch

What Remains? is a prototype that facilitates the intake of Alzheimer patient in care homes. The prototype generates storytelling and is based on co-creation principles involving the patient, the family‑members, and the care-givers. What Remains? consists of three consecutive phases. In the first phase, family members of the patient collect pictures, which are supposed to be of importance for the patient. During the second phase the patient configures and connects the pictures while telling stories about them. In the third phase, the stories are used by the caregiver to enhance understanding about patients behaviour and to personalise care. Additionally, the stories are be used by the family for remembrance purposes. The present paper describes the What Remains? prototype and its design process from the perspective of Persuasive Game Design.

CRISP project: G-Motiv
prototype: What Remains?

Published: 24-Jun-2015 13:02