How can stakeholders concerned within water management policy-making facilitate the expansion of responsibility for water management onto a larger number of stakeholders? To show what a Design Thinking approach could mean for a dialogue about the water management of the province of Noord Brabant in the Netherlands, STBY in collaboration with the Design Academy Eindhoven, initiated a workshop exploring the possible roles stakeholders could take on in regards to policy making and policy implementation. The idea was that by involving the stakeholders in the planning, they could facilitate the expansion of responsibility for water management onto a larger number of stakeholders with the province taking a more facilitative role. For this workshop, STBY utilised the workshop tool ‘Value Pursuit’, a game board that can be used in workshops to clarify how stakeholders in a specific network can be of value to one another, thereby helping identify shared goals within the project. The results of the workshop has lead us to question two different approaches in policy making; negotiation and co-creation and this paper will discuss what implications this has for the design practice.

author: Marie de Vos, Bas RaijmakersKarianne Rygh
CRISP project: PSS 101
prototype: Value Pursuit

Published: 24-Jun-2015 14:25


  • Value Pursuit: Creating Value Between Stakeholders In Policy Development

    Value Pursuit