As the service sector within the global economy is growing at a rapid pace, design is called upon by the economy, society and culture to help address complex problems and build bridges between previously separate disciplines. Large organisations struggle to deliver new services that address complex problems, but don’t fit into their organizational models. Designers are asked to expand their traditional roles, and also address complex organizational re-structuring. In order to play these more strategic roles, designers however need be involved at the start of an innovation process and not – as is now the often the case – only towards the end. Using a ‘thinking through making’ approach the CRISP PSS 101 project introduces tools that facilitate the alignment of expectations and address the importance of trust and meaning within networks producing Product Service Systems.

author: Karianne Rygh, Danielle Arets, Bas Raijmakers
CRISP project: CASD / PSS 101
prototype: Super-Maker

Published: 24-Jun-2015 14:39