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How can we make realise that passengers after a long flight have the same energy level as when they entered the airplane? That is the core question of the CRISP research project for KLM. On Wednesday the 18th of January research associate Jonathan Wray conducted a very intriguing workshop with KLM. During a 4 hour workshop they managed to visualise the energy levels of both cabin crew and passengers related to specific flight activities f.e. having diner, watching a movie or preparing for landing. 

One of the remarkable outcomes is that in the opinion of the KLM team the energy levels are very low after the duty free products. There is a certain vacuum, an in between period, in which no services are offered. In this time passengers usually get bored whereas for the cabin crew it is one of the rare moments they can have a short relief.

The energy level rises again during dinner when passengers get a lot of positive emotional triggers; the are curious about the food they will get, the taste, and are busy organizing their tables.

This research will certainly reveal interesting details about the emotional act of flying.

Published: 06-Feb-2012 14:51


  • KLM workshop


  • KLM workshop

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  • KLM workshop