Bas Raijmakers

Dr. Bas Raijmakers PhD (RCA) is Reader in Strategic Creativity at Design Academy Eindhoven and leads the in-house CRISP research team. Bas has a background in cultural studies, the internet industry, and interaction design. His main passion is to bring people we design for into design and innovation processes, using visual storytelling. He holds a PhD in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art in London. He is also co-founder and Creative Director of STBY in London and Amsterdam, a design research consultancy specialised in creative research for service design and innovation. Bas works for clients in  the public sector and industry around the globe.

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Cure With Care. Plea for a More Sensory Architecture

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
The health care system in the Netherlands is under pressure; the social welfare system is unsustainable. Rising costs in health care and above al...

Out of Touch

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
How the blind and visual impaired – and in fact every sensible human being – can benefit from haptic architecture. author: Daniell...

Thinking Through Making – An approach to orchestrating innovation between design and anthropology

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
Co-creation in both ethnographic research and design is engrained in much of the design research projects at the Strategic Creativity Readership ...

Defining Values Through Collaboration

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
As the service sector within the global economy is growing at a rapid pace, design is called upon by the economy, society and culture to help add...

Tangible Research as Inspiration for Business Innovation

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
The amount of social, environmental and economic problems facing the world have increased,...

Making Research Tangible

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
How can knowledge creation support creativity in playing a more strategic role in service innovation for society and the economy, by positioning &lsqu...

Value Pursuit: Creating Value Between Stakeholders In Policy Development

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
How can stakeholders concerned within water management policy-making facilitate the expansion of responsibility for water management on...

Value Pursuit. A tool for structuring conversation and encouraging collaboration in stakeholder networks

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
As companies move from providing specific products to providing a combination of products and services, their networks expand to include professi...

Metaphors as a common language for empathic conversations in collaborative networks

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
Over the last decade there has been an evolving field of co-design with the aim to facilitate an exchange between design teams, and those for whom the...

The in-between: an experimental venture into the position of the designer

Bas Raijmakers, 24-06-2015
Increasing interdisciplinary collaborations between art, design and science, draw attention to the need of elucidating the position of the designer. S...