Danielle Arets is Associate Lector in the Lectoraat (Readership) Strategic Creativity. She also has a key role in communicating the knowledge that results from CRISP to creative industries and education. Danielle has a background in Cultural & Science Studies (University of Maastricht) and Media Studies (Aarhus University). She has a strong record in organizing debates for a widespread of public, educational and commercial institutes, and through this she strongly advocates interdisciplinary research and design. As Associate Lector and Knowledge Transfer Officer, Danielle aims to bridge academic and design thinking through strategic, creative tools and techniques and of course lots of debates.
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Prototyping for Science Learning Centre at NEMO

, 29-05-2015
The Research and Development department at NEMO, headed by professor Maartje Raijmakers (Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam and endowed...

Conversations during Dutch Design Week

, 14-10-2014
During the Dutch Design Week, the Readership Strategic Creativity will initiate a diaily conversation on design research at the Research & Reporti...


, 14-10-2014
OCE SUPERMAKER AT DESIGN ACADEMY EINDHOVEN Design Research for elevated printing Researchers and students of Design Academy in Eindhoven explore...

Research & Reporting studio at Graduation Show

, 12-10-2014
RESEARCH & REPORTING STUDIO AT GRADUATION SHOW RADIO EMMA & READERSHIP on the 4rth floor   Curious to listen in to Thomas Widdershoven...

Design's big debates

, 30-06-2014
Design’s Big Debates Design Research conference Umea, Sweden The field of Design research is growing rather quickly. Where a lot of academic...


, 10-06-2014
  On the 5th of June the Incubator 2.5 team organised its first expert meeting in Almere. Over 20 architects and material experts were invited t...

Launch Incubator 2.5

, 08-01-2014
 The printing company Océ, part of the Canon Group of Companies, invited CRISP members of project PSS101 and CASD for a kick off meeting for a ne...

Projects & Publications Readership @ Graduation Show

, 31-10-2013
During the crowded Dutch Design Week many people paid a visit at the small exposition of the Readership Strategic Creativity. On the 5th floor of Desi...

Unravelling intuition

, 04-03-2013
Does intuition follow a certain pattern? Can we ‘organize’ the intuitive processes while doing design research? And is it even possible to...

OPEN DESIGN SPACES; design research classes on smart textiles

, 08-11-2012
Are you interested in doing design research? Do you want to know what this CRISP design research thing is all about? Join us! On 4 Wednesdays i...