Selection Days

2020 Selection days:

  • Monday, March 9th
  • Tuesday, March 10th 
  • Wednesday, March 11th
  • Thursday, March 12th
  • Friday, March 13th

You will receive an invitation for one of these selection days. In this email, you will find the date of your selection day, the time and information about your admission interview. This email also has an attached PDF of your application form for you to sign and bring with you to the selection day. (Note that the sender of this mail is Check the spam folder if you don't see a message in your regular inbox.)

Please bring the following to the selection day:

  • the printed and signed PDF of your application form
  • the mandatory assignment for all candidates and one of your choice (see the list of home-assignments)
  • about 5 (or more) other works/projects that you have made yourself; preferably some 3D! If you are doubting the amount of 3D work, choose an extra assignment from the list
  • your (original) portfolio
  • a simplified printed copy of your portfolio (on A4; stapled, no plastic covers) which we will keep for our dossier and which has on:
    • page 1: your name, a picture of you and your contact details
    • pages 2-3: pages 2-3: -pictures of the home assignments
    • further pages: pictures of some (10-15) of your own, recent works/projects

About the selection day

In order to get to know you, your views, your passions and qualities, we schedule 15-minutes for you to present your work and to answer questions we might have about it. The main topics will be: your portfolio, your two home assignments and other works/projects you have made and want to show. We are interested in your way of working and thinking and therefore would like to see not just the end-results but some steps in your process as well (ideas, sketches, trials and errors, etc.). Your presentation should be in English. We like you to feel at ease, so please prepare and practice your presentation at home, also for others who can question you. The presentations take place in groups of about 10 candidates. Together (one by one) you will present to an admission committee of two academy teachers. The setting will be almost like an academy class, where you, the teachers and your fellow candidates, will look at all the work, ask questions and share observations. Feel free to speak up and share what you think. These admission interviews will take half a day (a morning or an afternoon). Besides the interviews we will organize a tour of the building and time for some general Q & A.

Mid April 2020 at the latest we will send you the results of your application by e-mail. Possible outcomes are: 1) admission, or 2) placement on a waiting list (which stays open until the end of August 2019), or 3) rejection. Admission is valid only for the academic year for which you have applied. Only in exceptional situations (and after a written and well-reasoned request) the academy can decide for your admission to remain valid for another year. Definite admission is always on the condition of having passed the necessary diploma/test and having paid the tuition fees.

Overseas candidates
We have no indication beforehand about your talents or skill level. Therefore we recommend that candidates who have to travel very far to come to Eindhoven for the selection day should ask their art/design teachers or other professionals for advice on whether applying to this design academy would be feasible for you. Please note that such an advice is no guarantee for admission.

Note for visa students
For visa students there is an extra requirement. Once admitted you need to obtain at least 30 ECTS (European Credits) per year of your study. If you do not reach that minimum result per year, your visa will expire. In that case re-registration will not be possible. For more information about studying in The Netherlands, visit Pathfinder.