Exchange yourself! Exchange at DAE, study year 2020-2021, Fall and Spring semester (only for students from schools outside the Netherlands).

Design Academy Eindhoven offers in study year 2020-2021 two exchange periods: Fall semester and Spring semester.

For the Fall semester 2020 (September until the end of January) exchange at DAE means that you will have the opportunity to participate in our Minor programme and for the Spring term (February until the beginning of July) you can participate in a Studio programme in one of our Design Departments. Both in year 3 on Bachelor level only.

The Minor (FALL semester only) is a full-time (ca. 2-3 days classes and ca. 2-3 days of working on assignments/self-study) Bachelor programme (30 ECTS)  in one of our Minor programmes in year 3. To be able to participate in the Minor programme you need to have obtained at least 60 ECTS in your school  before the start of the term in September and for some of the programmes you need to have a basic level. Minor classes can take place outside of Design Academy Eindhoven. The external location is only a 5 minutes walk from the academy.

The STUDIO (SPRING semester only) is a full-time (ca. 2-3 days of education and ca. 2-3 days of working on assignments/self-study) Bachelor programme (30 ECTS) in one of our Design Departments in year 3. To be able to participate in the STUDIO programme you need to have obtained at least 90 ECTS in your school before the start of the term in February.

Exchange is possible for a maximum of one semester and on Bachelor level only.
Are you a Master student? Please, feel free to apply, if accepted you will be placed in the Bachelor course.

We recommend that you first check the DAE Minor programmes (Fall term) and STUDIO Design Departments (Spring term) before you apply for Exchange at DAE; it is wise to adjust your portfolio to the top 2 of DAE programmes you are thinking of choosing. We will place you in the Minor or STUDIO Design Department that best matches your work and your preference. This can be different from the programme you applied for. Due to limited capacity it is not possible to change your programme.

Design Academy Eindhoven has a specific selection procedure for exchange students. We have three reasons for this selection procedure: Design Academy Eindhoven is structured differently compared to most design academies and universities. Design Academy Eindhoven's main focus is on conceptual design. Design Academy Eindhoven usually receives more applications than available places.

The academy has a long tradition of accepting exchange students and it boasts many bilateral agreements with design academies and universities from all over the world (within the EU for Erasmus+). Experience has taught us the importance of finding the best match between student and Minor programme or STUDIO programme in one of our Design Departments. To do so, our selection is based on the candidate’s portfolio and motivation letter. The portfolio and motivation letter has to be uploaded for review, together with the other application items.

The deadline for the Fall semester (Minor) is May 1st (upload between April 15th and April 30st 11.59 PM) and for the Spring term (Studio) is November 1st (upload between October 15th and October 31st till 11.59 PM).

You can apply via our digital application procedure. Scroll down for the online procedure.
Procedures start immediately after the deadline. As soon as we have received all application items and as soon as the deadline has passed, we will take your application into account. We will let you know whether you have been selected for an exchange semester within six weeks; dependent on the number of applications it may take longer.

Please take into account you may need a visa during your stay in The Netherlands.
Design Academy Eindhoven does not offer any kind of scholarship for exchange. EU students can contact the international department of their own academy to ask if Erasmus+ scholarships are available. If your exchange application is accepted and an Erasmus+ scholarship is needed, this is only possible on the basis of a bilateral agreement with your home university. The international officer of your home university will have to contact Design Academy Eindhoven if such an agreement has not yet been established. Here you will find further information about Erasmus+.

If you have questions you can send an email to:

Exchange procedure


The 7 online application items are:

  1. Online exchange application form (you can find the form on the right side of this page under Visa). The form for Fall semester will be online around April 1st. You can fill out the application form online.
    For Fall semester you can choose for an exchange in a Minor programme (year 3). For Spring semester you can choose for an exchange in one of the Studio programmes in one of our Design Departments (Studio, year 3)
    For both the Minor and the Studio you can select your top 2 preference. You can upload items 2 to 7 via the application form. The confirmation e-mail is send by In case you did not receive an e-mail, please check your spam box!
  2. Valid copy of your passport
  3. Digital portrait
    You have to upload application items 4 to 7 (Digital portfolio, Introduction movie, Nomination letter, CV/written motivation and Transcript of records) in the upload area number 4. (application checklist) of the exchange application form although the text states: Upload your portfolio and 1 minute introduction movie (MP4).
  4. Digital portfolio (10-20 pages in total, including your CV and motivation letter, max 500 words)
    Practical detail: please use a PDF format with both pictures and text. Make sure that you reduce the PDF file size before you upload the document. Please make sure that you do not upload separate images, we require one document for your portfolio.
    The purpose of the portfolio is to show a selection of your work (not only end-results but also process), interests and fascinations. Sketches, unfinished or conceptual work can also be included. The portfolio together with your motivation letter should explain why you want to have an exchange at Design Academy Eindhoven in general and more specific your motivation for the programme (Minor or Studio Design Department) you are applying for. Page 2 of your portfolio is your CV, page 3 of your portfolio is your motivation letter.The motivation letter is a statement describing your motivation and expectations concerning the programme of your exchange preferences at Design Academy Eindhoven. What would you like to learn? What is it that you are looking for?
  5. MP4 / Introduction Movie
    Practical detail: you can only upload a video as MP4 format through the following browsers: google, firefox, Explorer, Google+, Safari and IOS.
    Upload an one-minute video in which you introduce yourself to the selection committee. Make sure that you mention why you want to have an exchange at Design Academy Eindhoven. You don’t have to be “on camera” yourself the entire minute, but we do want to see you and hear you speak as well. We will check your English level through the one-minute introduction video.
  6. Official nomination letter of your university
    This is the official nomination from your university.
    The letter must contain: your name, name of the school, current level and the programme you are in and the course you would like to apply for (Minor or Studio Design Department) and the name, email address and signature of the contact person of your school.
  7. Transcript of records
    We would like to check your actual record status. With the start of the Minor you need to have obtained at least 60 ECTS. With the start of the Studio you need to have obtained at least 90 ECTS.





Practical information

Important dates

Dates study year 2020-2021:
Semester 1: Introduction week: 31 August -3 September. The official semester runs from September 7th 2020 until January 29th 2021
Semester 2: Introduction week: 1-4 February. The semester runs from February 8th until July 2nd 2021

Holidays study year 2020-2021

  • Fall vacation: Oct 19-Oct 25
  • Christmas: Dec 21-Jan 3
  • Easter: April 5
  • April: to be confirmed
  • King's Day: April 27
  • Ascension: May 13-14
  • Pentecost: May 24

DAE does not provide any housing. It is up to the students to find their accommodation prior to travelling to The Netherlands.
Here you will find general information about accommodation:; For DAE the following list of housing organizations in Eindhoven may be of help. It will help to contact these addresses for accommodation as soon as you are accepted.

Apart from housing (an average room in Eindhoven may cost approx. € 500 - € 600 per month), you will have to take the following costs into account:
Materials: approx. €150,- per month
Travel costs: about € 50,- per month
Daily costs: about € 250,- per month.

In the Netherlands the train system runs fairly well. You will need an OV chip card for that: you can charge yourself in the machines at the station.
For further information check this link:

For general information about (health) insurance:
Here you find further information about the insurance DAE recommends:

Design Academy Eindhoven does not offer any kind of scholarship for incoming exchange students. EU students can contact the international department of their own academy to ask if Erasmus scholarships are available. In case you want to come on exchange with an Erasmus scholarship, this is only possible if we have an agreement with your school. The international officer of your academy will have to contact the international desk at DAE if such an agreement is not yet established.

Please take into account that you might need a visa for your stay in the Netherlands.