The Master Programmes Contextual Design, Social Design and Information Design together form the Master Departments. Although they are separate departments with their own focus, they share facilities and are structured in a similar manner.

The two-year course programme is set up around research assignments, a lecture programme, and, during the second year, students will be working on a research theme they will have developed themselves. In order to formulate topical and relevant research themes we will be regularly cooperating with external institutions, governments, and businesses in the creative sector.

The students, who come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and a variety of former educations, will be taught and guided by a rotating group of designers, artists, architects, and theoreticians who have made their mark within respective professions.

The minimum requirement for new Master students is a completed design course at Bachelor level. (*) Students will have acquired proficiency in the design profession during the Bachelor programme. The Master course will reinforce the designer’s authorship. Students will learn to reflect on (the limits of) the profession; reinforce their personal imagery, or signature; and research topical questions in order to come up with a relevant design intervention. The course programme gives ample attention to students’ personal development and their ability to work on complicated design questions, both on their own and in collaboration with others.

English is the language of instruction.
Completing the Master Course Design DAE will lead to the title Master of Design, MDes.

photo: Marly Gommans

(*) Students who have completed an art or architecture course and who possess a demonstrable affinity with design may also be admitted. Students who believe they are eligible for certain exemptions (e.g. students who attended the Design Academy Eindhoven Bachelor’s Programme) may submit their request to the coordinator. Design Academy Eindhoven will not deviate from the rule that the Master’s is a two-year programme and that a completed Bachelor’s programme is a requirement for admission, except in highly exceptional cases.