Hala Tawil


Hala Tawil: “Childish” imagery, that of cartoons, props and toys, hold an eerie common ground with that of erotic imagery. Both represent a physical reality in its most perfect, simplified, sanitized, and delicious form, eschewing all details that may be unpleasant and disagreeable. They allow us to project our own desires onto their familiar but suggestive, creamy and glossy shapes. Both types of imagery promise an inaccessible fulfilment of our personal desires, and we can’t help, on some primal level, but to feel drawn to them and want them.

When it comes to possessions, where do we draw the line between what we need and what we want?

Countless objects promise to fulfil different and enticing narratives regarding our emotions, pleasure, and satisfaction. With so many possibilities to be realized, so many objects and accessories to possess, so many collections to complete, we lose sight of what we desire in retrospect with what we truly need in the first place.

It is important to venerate our weakness and susceptibility to the promises of objects, and be aware that what objects may seem to promise is something we will never actually acquire or experience.”