Aurelie Hoegy


Aurelie Hoegy: “As a designer and a person I feel it’s my responsibility to question society’s prejudices and fallacies about human nature. Behind the veneer of normality every person has a mysterious side that is waiting to surface. Everyone is full of life, passion and madness, visible or suppressed. We need this craziness!” For her graduation project Between Normality and Abnormality, Hoegy created movies of daily habits, revealing the thin line between the two ways of being, and she created functional objects that trigger and stimulate the experience of absurdity.

After her graduation she continued to work on the variability of the limits between objects, bodies and space, leading her work to the borderline between contemporary design and art.

Hoegy often collaborates with artists from different disciplines, while working across a variety of mediums including drawing, film-making, object design, installation, scenography and performance. Her research, conducted in various places throughout the world, aims to create tools which can push the humdrum reality of daily life toward a more poetic absurdity. She intends to pull the spectator “out of our known universe to show how the confines of consumer utility can be critiqued and surpassed.”

For the project Dancers, she explored the concept of movement driven design, which resulted in a series of chairs that seem to dance around the space. For this project she received the Rado Jury Prize during the Paris Design Week of 2015, and the first prize of the Pure Talent Contest at the IMM Cologne in 2016.